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Ignore this


Things would be infinitely easier for me if I could just take a bunch of drugs or drink whenever I got into one of these moods. If I could just keep a bottle of xanax, and casually joke about it knowingly to people, and get sleepy and forget things, and feel fuzzy but not sad, well that would probably be a lot easier. I have too many feelings. I’m too sensitive. If I had the ability to dilute myself, things would probably be a lot easier.

Last night I dreamt that somebody took the emergency ativan out of my purse and swallowed it. I woke up crying, and at that point I probably should’ve taken the emergency ativan out my my purse and swallowed it, but I didn’t. I’m just too scared of life.

Man, do I get this.

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So I get drunk on Mondays now. What’s it to you?!

This is the first time I’ve ever traveled and I didn’t have anyone I needed to contact back home. Feels odd…

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My friend just gave me whey. ‘Cause, well, why not?

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